The Magic Guide to Frankfurt

In this short film our Master Students give you helpful advice what to do in Frankfurt: A wonderful guide with magical special effects.

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In the course "Media Productions" Master's students made a movie called "The Magic Guide to Frankfurt". They were in charge of the concept, production and post-production. With the use of special effects and greenscreen methods they got to know the real feeling of working in a filmproduction. The video ist written and directed by the students. They took care of camera, light and sound. A hilarious Making of can also be found down below. It shows some behind the scences footage and you get a feeling of how much fun they had.

Lecturer and director: Rolf Eckel

Watch the phenomenal video "Magic Guide to Frankfurt":

The hilarious Making Of shows how they worked with the greenscreen method:

Credit: Andrea Aritomi, Polina Bocharnikova, Leslie Collazos, Zoe Fremgen, Lynn Herbillon, Kathleen Herrera, Vinsensius Kristian, Rajae Labd, Anh Thi Hai Le, Polina Poliakova, Claire Tevaseu, Maria Tishkina