Creative and hands-on: Lisa Pommerening on her dual studies in graphic design

Lisa Pommerening's biggest dream for the time after her dual studies in graphic design and visual communication: joining the Berlin film and TV production company STORY HOUSE Productions as a permanent employee. Not only did she complete her practical year here, but she also continues to work for the company as a student trainee. In the following interview, she told us about the advantages of the dual study program at HMKW and what she would like to focus on in her bachelor's thesis.

Why did you decide to study “Graphic Design and Visual Communication”? And what made you choose HMKW Berlin?

In principle, I chose the course because drawing was the only thing I really liked to do and was (and is) my great passion. Whether with a pencil, watercolor or crayons: All that mattered was that I could let off steam on a sheet of paper. In addition, at school I was always the one responsible for the poster in group work.

I now wanted to train myself more in design for my career path and also go beyond that. I chose the dual option because practical experience is simply important to me and I had planned to do a dual course of study for my vocational training anyway. HMKW had the best offer in terms of price and I was advised in a very friendly manner.

Where did you complete your vocational training? Tell us more about your experiences. How would you describe your work there and which tasks did you particularly enjoy?

I spent most of my internship year at the Berlin film and TV production company STORY HOUSE Productions, where I got to know a really great team and learned an incredible amount about the film industry, which has interested me a lot since my school days. I was - and I work there as a student trainee still today - responsible for the many pitch documents, but I was also often allowed to work on animation contributions for film or series projects, support the team with my illustrations and also work in set and press photography on various film sets.

What module content from your studies have you already been able to apply in practice?

Especially for the pitch documents, I was able to apply my skills in the various Adobe programs, but also to enhance them. In addition, aspects such as image composition and appealing and reader-friendly layout play a major role in giving broadcasters the best possible experience of a project and convincing them. Furthermore, the photography and motion design modules proved to be very helpful in the respective areas, and I was able to consolidate them through the internship and successfully use my knowledge in the areas for private projects as well.

Brief resume: Could you imagine working in this field/company in the future?

Absolutely! I just like the atmosphere and the variety of tasks at STORY HOUSE and I will definitely try to find a permanent job there. I would also say that the film and TV sector is just super interesting and exciting!

What advantages do you see in a dual study program compared to a study program in the traditional form?

As I already said, practice is extremely important to me, preferably as much of it as possible. Especially when you don't really have any knowledge of all the programs before you start your studies, and also when it comes to really applying knowledge in the classes and constantly practicing how to use it. I definitely don't regret my decision for the dual option and am very glad that I chose this path back then. I also have to be honest and say that the dual course of study is also more worthwhile from a financial point of view in my opinion. Especially because you end up with two degrees. I would definitely like to recommend it to everyone to choose the dual option!


Now you're about to write your bachelor's thesis: What are you working on and how did you come up with the topic?

For my bachelor thesis, I would like to explore the illustration of mental illness in the form of character design. I deal with character design very intensely in my free time when drawing and also my practical work examines this topic in relation to the animated film. Since I really enjoy character design and illustration in general, it was not difficult at all for me to decide on my great passion for my bachelor's degree.

Psychiatry and psychotherapy have always fascinated me through various reports and documentaries, especially how our own brains can manipulate us so profoundly. I also find that mental illnesses like depression are simply still looked down upon far too much in our society and not taken as seriously as they should be. Many people simply don't deal with this situation enough and then prefer to judge those affected in their environment without knowing how it really feels. I would like to change that with the help of the personification of the disease and achieve a feeling of "you are not alone with this".

What are your plans for the time after your graduation?

First of all, I would love to join STORY HOUSE as a permanent employee and spend many more years as part of this company. Also, as soon as it is again possible, I would like to travel a lot and also dance more in our dance club again and give classes myself. Apart from that, I would like to get more involved with photography and also try my hand at 3D design. Just be creative and stay on the ball!

Thank you for the exciting insights into your studies and your practical year. We wish you all the best and much success for your bachelor thesis!