Talent Campus Video: New Workshop at HMKW Berlin

Finally, our new workshop Talent Campus Video started this month. Here HMKW students of all departments can learn everything they always wanted to know about film shooting, editing techniques, moderating or sound and light.

Talent Campus_Video: Every Tuesday at HMKW Berlinerlin

Talent Campus_Video: Every Tuesday at HMKW Berlin

The workshop takes place every Tuesday from 5.30 pm and is led by Jost Listemann, Sarah Meister, and Felix von Stutterheim. The course begins with a theoretical part: students analyze works of famous filmmakers like Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Stanley Kubrick or Michelangelo Antonioni. They get inspired for their own projects and learn which stylistic devices make a movie even more interesting.

Afterwards the practical part of the course begins. The group is split into three teams, depending on previous knowledge of the participants. Talent Campus_Video wants to impart knowledge in all fields of video production, such as camera work, moderation, editing and many more aspects of filmmaking. Meeting other film enthusiasts, learning more about filmmaking and having a lot of fun: the workshop Talent Campus_Video started successfully and our students are looking forward to the next weeks and months.