Launch of new hybrid rooms

HMKW is getting ready for the future: Selected rooms on campus at all three locations are currently being equipped with new digital audio technology. Sennheiser's array microphones and loudspeakers now make hybrid teaching even more feasible.

New hybrid rooms at HMKW

New hybrid rooms at HMKW

The array microphones are mounted on the ceiling and are very unobtrusive. A great advantage for students and lecturers: Instead of using headsets, the sound is captured directly by the microphones. The lecturers can therefore move freely around the room and, more importantly, students who are connected from home can also follow the lectures without any problems.

At the Berlin and Frankfurt campuses, all four rooms have now already been successfully equipped with the state-of-the-art technology. Next week, four rooms at the Cologne campus will also be converted to hybrid rooms.

"Even if presence teaching is currently not possible or only possible to a very limited extent: HMKW is and will remain a university that will primarily be there for its students on site. But also in the future, also in the time 'after Corona', we would like to set a good example as a media university as well as prove our media competence by integrating digital formats into teaching and conveying content digitally. In this way, we enable innovative and contemporary teaching at HMKW. The establishment of hybrid rooms at our three locations is an important cornerstone in this development," says Prof. Dr. Ronald Freytag, chancellor and managing director of the university.