Fascinating insights into the world of human resources: guest lecture by Martin van Exel (ASICS)

On November 20, 2020, Mr. Martin van Exel, Head of Human Resources Europe North-East (ASICS Deutschland GmbH, located in Neuss, Germany), was a guest in the online lecture on economics with lecturer Sophie Carls at HMKW in Berlin.

Mr. van Exel, a well versed human resources manager with many years of experience in human resources and an expert in his field, provided the students with insights into the structure of the human resources department of ASICS Deutschland GmbH and its integration into the ASICS Group.

Right at the beginning of his guest lecture, Mr. van Exel asked the students the question that is often asked of applicants in the ASICS Group: "Do you actually know what ASICS means?" Because ASICS stands for "anima sana in corpore sano"/"A healthy soul in a healthy body" and forms the foundation of the corporate culture of the ASICS Group.

With this introduction, Mr. van Exel gave an exciting insight into the structure of the Human Resources Department of the Europe North-East Region in the ASICS Group, for which he is responsible for the Wholesale, Retail and Product Warehouses for the countries Germany, Czech Republic, Austria and Poland.

We would like to thank Mr. van Exel for this fascinating look behind the scenes of a worldwide operating sports goods manufacturer - and last but not least for his charming animation to join the running sport, to promote body and soul.