HMKW lecturers at the emma annual conference in Munich

At this year's annual conference of the European Media Management Association (emma) in Munich, HMKW lecturers from the departments of Management and Business Studies and Journalism and Communication took part and presented papers on current topics in the field of media management to an audience of professionals.

Photo: European Media Management Association

Photo: European Media Management Association

The European Media Management Association (emma) is an international non-profit academic organization founded in 2003 to promote the growth of research, scholarship and practice in media management in Europe and around the world.

HMKW lecturer Prof. Dr. Ingo Knuth presented a joint project with Prof. Dr. Tong-Jin Smith and MEM graduate Anna Hobbold. In his presentation "Quality of data journalism. Managerial implications from a quantitative analysis of weekly news magazines in Germany" he talked about the (partly unsatisfactory) quality of data reporting in Germany based on a quantitative analysis of the news magazines SPIEGEL, Stern and Focus. On this basis, measures to increase data literacy among journalists were discussed.

In another presentation ("Who eats up the attention? Analyzing one day of digital news use in Germany - A network analytic approach") on the joint project with Prof. Dr. Thomas Petzold and Florian Richter from the company Limebit, Prof. Dr. Ingo Knuth presented results from a quantitative study on online news consumption in Germany. A model for analyzing concentration in the online news market was introduced and initial implications for media regulation were discussed.