Childhood traumas of living in a fatherless home. Patterns and possible manifestations in artistic & design practices

This thesis project from Erlis Zarishta (M.A. Communication Design) is an inquiry and exploration in the field of design that addresses the topic of living in a family in which the father is absent and its consequences.

Student:Erlis Zarishta
Department:Design, Campus Berlin
Mentors:Prof. Rasmus Giesel, Jenny Bergström
Degree:Master of Arts

Winter term 2020/21


The research consists of two parts, the theoretical part and the practical one. The theoretical part investigates the importance of fathering; meanwhile, in the practical part, the findings are be presented through a series of visual experiments.

How can the findings from research in combination with Erlis’s personal experience be captured, communicated and visualized through design?

The video below is a compilation of some of the chosen visual experiments that he has done during this project.

Project presentation:

More pictures from the thesis: