Study on advertising breaks

In a study, HMKW professors Dr. Eva-Maria Eick and Dr. Sven Dierks from the Psychology Department used the emotion recognition tool TAWNY to reveal the effects of an advertising interruption on viewers.

Prof. Dr. Sven Dierks, Prof. Dr. Eva-Maria Eick. Photos by Werner Siess

Prof. Dr. Sven Dierks, Prof. Dr. Eva-Maria Eick. Photos by Werner Siess

There are numerous studies on the perception of moving image advertising. But what effect does the advertising have on its environment, for example the actual film or subsequent commercials? Various hypotheses have already been put forward. Media psychology professors Dr. Eva-Maria Eick (HMKW Cologne) and Dr. Sven Dierks (HMKW Frankfurt) have now conducted a study using the emotion analytics tool TAWNY. The test persons, who were divided into two comparison groups, were shown an action movie trailer, with one group also being shown a funny clip as a commercial break. The study leaders were able to demonstrate the effects of this interruption on various emotions - using just a few physiological indicators via the innovative measurement method made possible by the tool. In addition to more in-depth and complementary research approaches, the two HMKW professors recommend considering the possibilities of environment-appropriate advertising, especially in social media video marketing campaigns, such as via the YouTube platform.

Prof. Dr. Eva-Maria Eick is head of the Cologne Psychology Department and of the Cologne campus. Prof. Dr. Sven Dierks, too, teaches in the study programs B.Sc. Media and Business Psychology and M.Sc. Business Psychology.


The study can be downloaded here (with an English description):