From Chongqing, China to Berlin

Boyun Wang is in his 5th semester of his Media and Event Management course at HMKW. In 2013, he came over from China to study in Germany. Berlin has now become his second home. For his future, Boyun envisions a career in event organisation. In this interview, the B.A. student tells us about his studies at HMKW and life in Berlin.

[Translate to englisch:] Boyun Wang

[Translate to englisch:] Boyun Wang

Why did you decide to study in Germany?

To be honest, I did not know much about Germany before I moved here. Personally, I always associated football, cars, and technology with the country. The song "Deutschland" by “Die Prin-zen” has stuck in my mind because of the 2006 football world championship, but of course, those were only vague ideas. Therefore, I decided that I would come to Germany one day and see everything for myself. Eventually, I came to Germany in 2013, not as a tourist but as a student.


Why did you choose HMKW? Why did you decide to study B.A. Medien- und Eventmanagement?

I really like to communicate with other people. This is very important to me, in addition to my professional training, because I strive for a career in an international environment. I don’t see myself in a routine job only working at a desk or in front of a computer. HMKW is a media university, and I believe media will be the currency of the future. Thus, I have a great enthusiasm for new technologies and new media. Personally, I believe that event management will continue to develop in the future.

The course Media and Event Management provides you with the knowledge you need for work-ing in the event industry or in the media and communication industry. Particularly helpful was the remedial course at the beginning, where I learned how to write a scientific paper. Social Science helped me to get to know German society and politics. The module "Practice of the Event" taught me, how to structure and organise an event.



I believe media will be the currency of the future.


What did you like best about you studies so far?

I’ve had a lot of support from the lecturers. This was especially important to me, since Germany is quite different from my home in terms of culture and especially language. In addition, I have developed a good theoretical understanding of media. Science and practice are closely linked at HMKW.

And there are so many events, projects, and exhibitions which I really appreciate. This year, I helped setting up the semester exhibition. At one event, I even performed as a presenter! It was not an easy task because I had only studied here for two semesters. But it surely was a lot of fun!


How have your experiences at HMKW helped shaping your plans for the future? Where do you see yourself working?

Well, I have not made any final decisions yet, I am quite open-minded about it. It is important for me to work with people. And no routine job sitting at the desk all day! I am quite excited about event organisation.


What kind of events do you have in mind? What would be your dream event to organise one day?

My dream? The Queen's Jubilee! But of course, I have to be realistic. Nevertheless, festive events fascinate me. Maybe a big company anniversary? Definitely something sophisticated.


How do you like Berlin and how have you settled in?

Terrific! Berlin is a great city for young people. When I first arrived here, I immediately fell in love with the city. There’s always something you can do because there are so many leisure and cultur-al opportunities. And history is very much alive here. My hometown is Chongqing, and I always thought it would be very difficult for me to prefer another city over it. But now Berlin has actually become my new home. I think home is where you feel good. The many events at HMKW, such as the HMKW event week, the semester exhibition, or the summer party, helped me to settle here quickly and meet nice people.


When I first arrived here, I immediately fell in love with the city.


How does Berlin compare to your hometown? What aspects of life in Berlin and Germany in general were you surprised about?

Well, Chongqing is less international than Berlin. The fact that Berlin is such a multicultural city came as a surprise to me – in a positive sense. It makes you feel less alien when you first arrive. Despite the language barrier, my studies went very well. I am very satisfied with this. The people in Berlin are very friendly and open towards foreigners. In addition, Berlin is surprisingly afforda-ble, especially compared to other major European cities. I live in a flat share in the district of Charlottenburg. Berlin has an outstanding price-performance ratio regarding the costs of living, such as rent, buying food, or eating out.


You’re looking forward to your internship at one of HMKW’s partner companies, what are your hopes?

I already gained some practical experience in my course. For example, I helped organising the event "Liquid Lights" in my 2nd semester. I was in charge of sponsoring, catering, and room planning. But taking part in all steps of structuring and executing an event will be very helpful for my future career. There are so many details you have to be aware of! And I am also looking for-ward to getting to know the German event industry, understanding the whole infrastructure better. I hope to go someplace where I can use my strengths and where I can work with full passion.


What is your advice to students, or people interested in studying, who come to Germany from abroad?

Simply put: keep going, never give up! One should not be deterred by new experiences, but show interest. I learned some German before I came here. This was very useful because the German language is, of course, quite different from the Chinese. It is very important to speak German on a daily basis and to approach people. My studies have gone very well despite the initial language barrier. I am very happy about this and feel at home here.