Design student from Greece

Melina Mavromichali (25) is studying for an M.A. in Communication Design at HMKW Berlin. She is currently in her first semester. 

Melina Mavromichali from Greece

Melina Mavromichali from Greece

"I’m from Thessaloniki, Greece, where I studied on a BA (Hons) in Product Design at AAS College, awarded by the University of Central Lancashire, UK. After graduating, I was looking for a Master's programme with an interesting perspective on the Applied Arts and I believe that HMKW, with its psychology and media backgrounds, makes all the difference.

In combination with the variety of opportunities and experiences that Berlin offers, I feel very satisfied with my choice to complete my MA in Communication Design at HMKW's Berlin campus. I’m expecting to explore design from different points of view and I find the people and the environment at HMKW very inspiring. I love our multicultural class! Sharing your ideas with people from around the word is very interesting and super inspiring. I am really excited about the results of the methods that we use to approach our projects. I also found myself easily motivated by lecturers and fellow students at HMKW.

Berlin is a perfect place for innovative designers and I hope to become one of them!"