The Dark Triad Measure at the 17th European Congress of Psychology in Ljubljana

In July, Prof. Dr. Dominik Schwarzinger presented together with colleagues from the Hogrefe Publishing group at the 17th European Congress of Psychology (ECP) 2022 in Ljubljana the work-related dark triad measure TOP (Dark Triad of Personality at Work, Schwarzinger & Schuler, 2016), that has been published in Italy recently.

The TOP (Dark Triad of Personality at Work) personality test procedure co-developed by HMKW professor Dominik Schwarzinger measures the concept of the Dark Triad (narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy), which is currently the subject of much discussion in science and the media.

Prof. Dr. Dominik Schwarzinger explained the interested audience why a work-related dark triad test is so necessary: first, people scoring high are a threat to others in the workplace and the organization, so we need to detect them before entering it. Secondly, other, general measures are just not applicable for this case, because of invasive and legally problematic content. Addressing this and related practical issues, he gave everybody a clear idea, how the test TOP was originally developed to solve any of those problems, making it for the first time possible to assess the dark triad in an organizational setting unproblematically.

The audience was very interested and motivated, and several people expressed interest in more language versions and international comparative research on and with TOP.