International Summer School Constructive Journalism

Apply now for the HMKW Summer School which will take place July 2-20, 2018 at our Berlin campus, and explore current issues through the lens of constructive journalism.

The steady stream of bad news in the media leaves audiences with an over-negative worldview, stressed and powerless. Constructive journalism is changing that by combining rigorous reporting with empirical findings from psychology, anthropology, or linguistics. Constructive journalism wants to provide readers and viewers with a more realistic and comprehensive view of the world. Most of all it aims to engage and empower news audiences by focusing on solutions and putting a strong emphasis on greater context as well as new ways of developing and producing news stories.

HMKW’s 3-week intensive course introduces students to the theoretical framework of constructive journalism and affords them the opportunity to produce their own constructive journalism stories. This program is taught in English and intended for undergraduate students with a keen interest in journalism.

HMKW Summer School is a unique opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge of this new trend in journalism and spend the summer as part of a diverse group of international students in one of Europe‘s most exciting city.

Applications will be accepted until May 31, 2018. Find out more and apply here.